About the Regional Trail Corporation

The Regional Trail Corporation is a non-profit partnership whose mission is to acquire, develop, and manage appropriate trail corridors in southwestern Pennsylvania and to create and promote opportunities for recreation, tourism, economic development, and historic and environment conservation.

Board of Directors 2017:
Andy Baechle - President
Bob Macey - Vice President - Allegheny County
Donna Holdorf - Vice President - Fayette County
Brian Lawrence - Vice President - Westmoreland County
Bob Hand - Secretary
Gregory Phillips - Treasurer

Victoria Evans - Point Marion
Donna Green - Pittsburgh
John Irwin - Connellsville
James Johnson - Perryopolis
Dana Kendrick - Uniontown
Aaron Kress - Lower Burrell
Jim McIntire - Connellsville
Kelly McLaughlin - Pittsburgh
Bob Pore - West Newton
Mary Reid - West Newton
Brandon Simpson - Greesnburg
Kyle Thauvette - West Homestead

Our History:
We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation and we have been at the forefront of a wonderful, growing phenomenon. Old abandoned railroad lines have been transformed into "greenways", creating exciting new concepts in recreation, conservation and tourism. People use these trails year 'round for bicycling, walking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and in some cases horseback riding. These trails pass through beautiful scenic rural settings and interesting historic and urban areas. Along the way, they are tying cities, small communities and municipalities together.

The Regional Trail Corp (RTC) was formed in 1991. Our first trail, The Youghiogheny River Trail North, is complete from McKeesport to Connellsville, PA, a span of 43 miles. This trail is a part of the Great Allegheny Passage. The RTC has also helped to build and maintain other exciting trails in Southwest Pennsylvania. Thousands are enjoying the Five Star Trail which extends from Greensburg to Youngwood and the Coal and Coke Trail which extends from Scottdale to Main Street in Mt. Pleasant. The Westmoreland Heritage Trail extends from Saltsburg to Delmont and The Steel Valley Trail has completed the final link in the Great Allegheny Passage.

Such a trail network will tie many communities together in a unique, positive way. The RTC is made up mostly of volunteers. They are a large, diverse group of wonderful people who donate countless hours researching, planning, building, mamtaining, monitoring and fund-raising all because they realize the value recreational trails bring to the area. To them an investment of time and effort in RTC trails returns a reward they can personally enjoy and share. They also know their efforts will benefit future generations and the quality of life in this region.

The RTC board and staff have a great track record of achievement, but there are more miles to go. Maintaining present trails and building new ones requires a constant fund raising effort. An investment in the RTC is an investment in our quality of life and our precious communities. We invite you to be a part of our mission.

Our Policies:
Regional Trail Corporation Mobility Device Policy